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This site was designed by Simon Paterson and Samantha Collins at Bookhouse. Later, the site was implemented in HTML by Simon and Daniel Andrews.

This site is unique.

There are many sites that may have a graphical quality that is hard to compare, but these sites lack a lot when it comes to flexibility. Further, they are not very considerate of slower computers with less bandwidth. Sometimes this is not an issue since the intended audience may be only those with fast computers and fast internet connections. We have attempted with Bookhouse to bridge the gap. To use typography to create a beautiful design. This is where the problem comes in. Fonts don't work so well on the internet.

With a bit of research and effort we were able to bridge the gap: create fonts that work on screen similar to how they do in print. The results can be found in our Webtype Browser.

This now allows us to change the design of the site to anything we want. We can even allow the user to choose from a range of site styles that have been created for different moods and audience. We are still creating the stlyswitch but check back soon.

The paradigm of implementation is deliberately modelled on the one employed by Bookhouse to create quality batch pagination. The style sheet for the appearance of the site is a separate module to the content. This allows Daniel to make site-wide changes to the style quite easily, to the point of allowing each user of the site to have their own style sheet and make choices about how they want the information presented.

The separation of content and form has been long proven as an ideal model for document production. In their most refined implementation, batch pagination and cascading style sheets are incredibly efficient and easy to modify. In a modern implementation, such as this one, the destination is not limited to the printed page. Content is available to computer screens, WAP mobile phones, search engines and the sight impaired. When someone who is sight impaired accesses the Website, the content's form is not words on a screen, but a computer-generated voice heard through earphones or speakers. The ease of indexing and reference is streamlined when style sheets are used.