Typesetting skill

We specialise in providing quality typesetting of any book, from picture-based to high-end footnote setting. We have developed systems using industry-standard applications. With our advanced pagination XTension, we can tap into extremely powerful batch processing capabilities, while retaining the awesome design capabilities of QuarkXPress and InDesign. Best of all, the book remains consistently formatted no matter which operator executes the corrections. Our system provides for electronic workflow solutions including XML and SGML, and we marry our typographical abilities with your web team to provide advanced web typography for publishers making websites from their books.

The Bookhouse network is extensive, and allows us to do as much, or as little, of the project as you like. We cater for volume and one-off publishing.

Self-publishers, find out how Bookhouse can help you. We provide inexpensive production with a 'no-extra-charges' approach. We even advise you on how to save money and get the best result for the money you spend. Check out our endmatter to find out more.

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